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Reviews: Client

Drunken Werewolf

"McGarrigle drenches her music in otherworldly vocals and a synth that would rock Chelsea
Wolfe fans into a gentle but welcomed stupor... beckoning, at times morbid, but almost always
transfixing, new single 'Revolvere' will send goosebumps down your spine within the first ten


“Revolvere’ is an orchestral beauty with electronic undercurrents reminscent of Julia Holter in
execution while ‘Murmuration’ is a piano ballad with McGarrigle’s vocals lifting the tune above
the norm.”


‘Selkie Skin’ is her first release since 'Feather and Bone' and it doesn’t disappoint. Drawing from
the seagoing Celtic mythological creature the track is a beautiful and enthralling piece of music
built on initially quiet and sombre but slowly rising piano and Northern Irish born, Edinburgh
living Laura McGarrigle’s delicate vocals. The wash of harmonies, percussion and guitar
feedback that fall around the song’s backbone heighten the song’s mystical atmosphere.'

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